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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 10, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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despite a big clash with police. i'll show you what's coming up in a live report. why this one received approval from the university. >> we take a live look outside right now. it is friday eve. that's right. thursday november 10th. this is "today in the bay." good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. time to check in with christina loren to see what's happening on our friday eve. >> you made me much happier when you said friday. i appreciate that. hopefully you're looking forward to the weekend as well. unfortunately the unsettled weather that we've been telling you about arrived for the
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weekend. 5 in santa rosa. 37 in livermore. a few degrees away from freezing. grab the jacket. it will be a nice afternoon. 70s in the forecast all the way from san francisco through the inland cities. a nice warm day. then the showers arrive. we'll time those out at the doorstep coming up. >> we're waiting for the confirmation of the closure to pick up. northbound 101 through palo alto close to university. scheduled to pick up now. we should have better news for the peninsula drive. middlefield or 280 are your alternat alternates. it is 5:01. san ho u say police are warning drivers to pay attention on the road on your way home from work. it comes after a string of fatal traffic deaths involving pedestrians. marla tellez joins us live from san jose with more the time change is partially to blame
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here. >> that's what they're saying. san jose attributing the recent string of accidents to the recent time change. we all fell back, turning the clocks back one hour, which means it's getting darker a whole lot earlier. in fact, it's 5:00 in the morning now. it's just about this dark at 5:00 at night now. if it weren't for the lights set up for me here on the expressway, i would be an extremely vulnerable pedestrian or bike rider to the traffic zooming by me right near 101. according to mercury news, there have been four serious crashes during the evening rush hour. in the three workdays since the time change. in the past five days, three people, either a pedestrian or bike rider was hit and killed. just last night before 7:00, a 44-year-old san jose man was hit while riding his bike on fully near galveston.
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he is in the hospital with potentially life threatening injuries. now the cause of the accident is under investigation, but police say the driver is cooperating with them. alcohol or drug don't seem to be a factor. on saturday night a 20-year-old woman was walking to the mall in south san jose when she was hit and killed about 8:00. the drivers in that crash are cooperating with police. in fact no arrests have been made in all the crashes no. charges have been filed. police are certainly taking time to remind us on the roads, pedestrians, bike riders, drivers to pay attention because of the recent time change. they say if you're going to go for the easy run or ride your bike home from work, hop on the skateboard, it's very important to wear reflective gears so driverscan see. >> be careful yourself. looks like the cars are close.
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brentwood police looking for a second suspect at an attempted robbery. they broke into a brentwood home on tuesday morning. the officer happened to be home, and like most cops, he happened to have his gun. officer shot one man who remains in serious condition. his accomplice took off. he remains on the loose. the office remained on paid administrative leave. police have not released details on the second suspect. a public memorial will be held for the victim who died in a fire at an adult care home. federal agencies are still investigating the cause the of the fire. it will be held on the avenue in arena. >> another memorial will be held for a san jose teen brutally killed in his backyard two years ago.
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michael russell was killed on november 10th of 2009. he was stabbed repeatedly by classmates wilson and thompson. the teens were into satanism and his death may have been linked to a satanic ritual. tonight's memorial will be held at 6:30 in san jose. >> it is 5:05. daly city police are asking for your help in solving a murder mystery. this 13-year-old was walking home from school on november 10th, 1987 when she vanished. several hours later her father and police discovered her body in a neighbor's backyard. police released this sketch of a possible suspect. anyone with information on the case is asked to call the police department. demonstrators planning to stage their own occupy protest came face-to-face with a shedown with campus police.
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christie smith is live on the campus of uc berkeley. with all this going on out there, should we be expecting another confrontation between police and protesters today? >> right now it's really kind of quiet out here. it's been a long cold night. they tell me what you're looking at has been like this for hours. a few dozen students on the steps of the plaza. three tents set up, even though the university said clearly they don't want tents. students can say all night for a week. they don't want an encampment. that turned into a clash with police as students tried to set up an encampment. this whole thing is over tuition hikes and cuts. police in riot gear moved in. they used batons to move the
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crowd. there were two clashes. one early. one later. police are telling us 37 people were arrested for loitering and trespassing. this morning i spoke with demonstrator out here. >> i would hope so. oakland is an inspiration. they're amazing. me personally, i wouldn't say i'm cynical. but i was amazingly pleasantly surprised today. and it got my hopes up honestly. i'm ready to get out reaching and talking to people. i'm ready to do it. >> in the background you can see university police and alameda county sheriff deputies. they still have their gee on. they're holding the line back there. students are telling us they
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haven't moved at all. at this point @ university saying they don't want tents out here. one officer said they know it's illegal. but they're going to standby and monitor the situation students are telling us they'll have a general assembly meeting later today at 5:00 or 6:00 and decide what they'll do next. but they are planning to ask for a general strike in the higher public education system coming up for next tuesday. >> christi, we'll continue to cover the story. everything is peaceful now. >> san jose state students plan to camp out on campus tonight. the school says it's okay with this one. students will sleep out in tents to dramatize the fact that more than 186,000 people in santa clara county live in poverty. organizers say students will decorate tents with pictures of
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poverty. it's the sixth year students have held the protests. pg&e is doing more testing of the pipeline this is morning. people could be smelling gas today. the testing is to make sure the pipelines like the ones that exploded in san bruno are still safe to use. bay area leaders are celebrate the birthday of an iconic landmark today. the bridge turned 75 on saturday. during the event they have plans for the bay lights. they'll announce what they're doing with those. happy birthday, bridge.
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that's a lot of cake. what about the forecast. you think? >> let's check the forecast this part of the weekend. >> we're celebrating because we're so close to the weekend. no matter what the weather holds. close today. 34 in santa rosa. not comfortable at this point. grab a jacket. 39 in fairfield and 37 in livermore. it's chilly all across the bay area. this morning with additional cloud cover, we're running nine degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday in napa. same for novato. santa rosa is breaking even. temperatures look good for today. yesterday we had the hazy sunshine. clouds increasing throughout the day. this area of low pressure is sneaking closer and closer to the bay area and california coastline as a whole. now what we're expecting is for
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the core to stay offshore. this front will come through. the south end of the peninsula will get the most moisture as the area of low pressure will move south just a touch. 67 in fremont. we're looking at the hour-by-hour forecast for rainfall. we'll tell you when it arrives coming up. first let's check to mike about your drive. >> we watch the construction clearing in the next few minutes in palo alto, this one also at east 94. that's a typical overnight project there. that's 68 off "l" street. that will change to half the speed over the next half hour. we'll check that volume of traffic as well. we'll get a live look to see how things are moving for oakland. from here to fruitvale, there's
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construction clearing. still just 15 minutes to the bay bridge toll plaza. a look at the golden gate bridge. clear view. 28 minutes between the golden gate bridge and san rafael bridge in either direction. even though the nba season remains on old, players and owners trying the to split up the money. the richmond rockets of the american basketball association tip off their first game of the season tonight, taking on the bay area matrix. game time is set for 7:30 at the richmond memorial auditorium. if you're thinking of going over, general admission is $10. a big bargain compared to the nba. the aba is a professional league with 86 teams. that's a lot of teams. >> no kidding. wal-mart is pushing up the black friday date. we're going to tell you when the holiday deals will start coming up in a live report. a well known bay area restaurant ready to reopenft a dealing with health concerns
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caused by a nearby oil leak. of
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>> got to get that shot. the only full moon i want to see at this hour of the morning. it is glorious out there. temperatures are chilly because it's so clear out there. 41 degrees in novato. 34 in santa rosa. san francisco is olding onto 50. wherever you're heading. grab a jacket out the front door. high pressure is still in
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control. clear skies over the bay area. two systems are trying to get in. the system to the south is trying to sneak in. we have a major cutoff low to impact auz us there tomorrow. everything i'm looking at leads me to believe it will stay onshore. 67 in fremont and 70 in san jose today. so actually a little bit warmer than our seasonal averages for this time of year. now a take a look at that low, really picked up a lot of moisture overnight. and what we're expecting is for the actual core to stay offshore. however, it will bring in a few bands of pretty significant rainfall, especially to the coastline. that means we could see coastal flooding, and it looks like the timing of this is going to be right during the morning rush tomorrow. mike inouye will be here to track this for you. let me show you what's to come. 3:00 a.m. on friday. you see the yellows and reds embedded in the green. that's heavy and moderate rain slated to impact the coastline
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between 6:00 and 8:00 tomorrow. it could get dicey for the morning commute. as i said before, mike and i will be watching that for you. tomorrow is also veteran's day. a lot of outdoor activities planned, including a parade in san jose. if you'll attend the parade, bring a jacket. for the most part the bulk of the moisture will remain at the coast the construction cleared for 880. nice easy drive in the southbound side. here we're still waiting for that construction to clear. it's northbound 101. it was supposed to pick up at 5:00. we're still waiting for the final confirmation. i'm still going to say there are crews on scene and possible delays through the area.
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live look out there shows you what things are like crossing the bay. here's the san mateo bridge. heading over from the peninsula. a nice easy, clear drive. another live look at the bay bridge toll plaza with the easy volume here and the east shore freeway is just 18 minutes off the bridge all the way down to berkeley without delay. looks good. >> thanks so much, mike. europe's debt crisis continues to drag down the dow. for that and the rest of the news before the bell, we turn to bertha coombs live at cnbc headquarters. good morning, bertha. >> good morning. still lots more headlines for europe this morning. we do have a new prime minister now in greece. he was formally the vice president of the ecb. and we have indications that the prime minister in italy will step down after they take a vote
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on the budget which is expected to pass this weekend. markets in europe are higher on the expectations that we're making progress. we won't get a total default in those two countries. and we are seeing the futures here higher. the dow looked to open up 100 points. we'll get weekly unem ploim numb -- unemployment number. we'll be coming off of a 3% plunge yesterday on the worries of italy and greece. the dow falling to 11,780. the nasdaq losing 4%, or 105 points. just two weeks away from thanksgiving. and, well, wal-mart has you planning what you need to do. take a nap after all of the turkey and get yourself ready to get to the mall. wal-mart is moving black friday to thanksgiving night.
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just so nobody gets a jump on them in terms of leaking information, the retail giant is also going to unveil the holiday deals today. they'll have the deals on toys, home items and clothing at 10:00. then electronics at midnight. followed by other offers at 8:00 a.m. on black friday. god bless you. >> i don't know. i know. it's like people are get iting this christmas stuff already. >> maybe it's a sign of the economy. nobody wants to get a jump on it. >> have you started shopping yet this. >> a little bit. >> i'm going to take a nap. they will suspend them on
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friday. parks will be open to the public. animal shelters will be shut down today. but they'll reopen tomorrow. there will be no street sweeping. other branches will be open today and close tomorrow. after ten months of dealing with health concerns t restaurant will reopen today. they were forced to close earlier this year because exxon mobil was cleaning sediment from the ocean. they made many employees sick. so the company decided to close until some work was done. it will be reopening at 10:00 this morning. giants continue to show their
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support for bryan stow. we'll let you know how to help the cause. >> plus the puppy snatch sd back safe and sound. plus, we're about four hours away from aaj constitutional crisis over solyndra.
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giants players and staff continue to do their part to help out the family of injured giants fan bryan stow. they played a concert to raise money for the stow family. he's recovering after he was beaten back in march at dodgers stadium. his family was in the city for the concert. all the the proceeds from the show will be going to the stow family. very nice gesture. a happy ending from the san
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francisco spca this morning. a stolen puppy is found. now police need your help finding the thieves. the theft was caught on surveillance video. the puppy was stolen tuesday from the adoption center. he was returned yesterday by a woman who says she bought the puppy for $200 outside of a safeway store. she realized the puppy was stolen after seeing a photo of him on the news. if you have information, you're asked to call spfd. >> we were down to about three and a half hours, laura, to the deadline of the white house officially responding to two subpoenas, issued last week by the congressional committee investigating solyndra. congress has no right to the documents because they're communications.
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they said, quote, i would wow have expected the committee would want to review those documents, including, 1,100 pages. . the documents due today would include thousands upon thousands of memos realitying to the president's travel or even the fuelling of air force i because they have the word solyndra in them relating to the president's slit visit to the plant. e-mails show the white house and major solyndra investor george kaiser did talk about solyndra.
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on the face of it, that's a mistruth. republicans accuse him of pushing the administration into a another loan for solyndra, which it didn't. the white house was caught not doing something wrong but not telling the truth. still to come. a fugitive on the run after murdering a bay area police officer gets ready to turn himself in. >> imagine having to fight for millions or dollars you believe is yours. many cities here in the bay area are in the fight. it could be your town. we'll have the story coming up. about 24 hours away from heavy rain in parts of the bay area. we have the weekend forecast ready to go. i've been tracking a full i'osure for the peninsula. i'll give you the latest for highway 1 coming up.
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new this morning the recent time change has police sending out a warning to everybody on the roads. i'm marla tellez with that story coming up. >> and a school on edge after news that not one, but two major gas pipelines run right under the campus. and community outrage. a small city coming together after the first murder in more than two years. >> and we give you a live look outside. that's san jose. again, all is smooth and calm. a little chilly. we'll tell you habit that coming up. 5:30. "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, everyone. i'm jon kelley. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren to find out what's happening heading to the weekend. i'm talking weekend. >> already. >> we're optimistic. glass always half full with us. we're going to get nice weather,
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at least for the second half of your weekend. really tricky forecast. your temperatures are chilly. 37 in livermore. take a look at what's headed our way. a lot of moisture is on the way to the coast. wheal tell you when it arrives, how it could impact your morning drive tomorrow and when it clears out you can celebrate the sunshine and your weekend. let's get you on your way to work with mike inouye. >> construction crews did clear. finally at 5:20. just after my last report. northbound 101 clear heading up towards university. some construction crews still maybe on the shoulder. be tu roadway is open. much better news here. we'll following the east bay closure as well and maybe cloeing kicking off already on a thursday. >> thank you very much. it's 5:31. today the state's highest court could strike down a law that
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let's them raid the accounts to pad the budget. one of the cities most vocal about keeping the redevelopment money. if the justices agree with the cities like san jose, this could blow a $1.7 billion hole in the state's budget, right sfl. >> yeah, which wouldn't be helpful given the current financial crisis. good morning, jon. before the massive budget debt sacramento each year used to send cities like san jose millions of dollars for redevelopment. money used to revitalize neighborhoods, build affordable homes. but the state pulled the blug on that this summer because of the kusht financial crisis. so today a group representing redevelopment agencies will go before california's stream court to ask for reinstatements of the funds, arguing it's uninstitutional for lawmakers to hold back the money. in july the governors and legislatures dissolved the 400 redevelopment agencies and diverted the $1.7 billion from
5:33 am
property taxes into schools and other programs. bigger priorities in the eyes of sacramento given the current crisis. the state is already facing a deficit of $5 to $8 billion. having to return to $1.7 billion would add to that. the redevelopment agencies can get a second life if they agree of the give back another $400 million down the road. the redevelopment agencies argue by taking way their money they violated proposition 22. voters passed prop 22 last november to specifically prevent sacramento from raiding the treasuries of local government. pro poents of prop 22 argue that the state should be happy to fund local redevelopment. the projects create jobs to create new income tax, more money from the state, and an opportunity for california to get closer into the black.
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the same pipeline responsible for the massive san bruno explosion is the same pipeline that runs under a school's soccer field. that's between sierra vista and middlefield road. but removing a portion of line 109 from the school's field and rerouting it through the campus parking lot and under middle iv field road. they will not remove line 132 because of the cost. going to have to do research and think twice about coming over here. it's a school. there's kids everywhere. pg&e says line 132 is safe. it's the same pressure testing that ruptured the line over the
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weekend, shutting down 280. members of the morgan hill community are expressing their concern at an increase in gang violence. a town hall style meeting was held last night. the new concern was sparked by a friday night drive-by shooting that left a 14-year-old girl dead and two others injured. many people that spoke agree police and community leaders need to do more to keep kids out of trouble. >> there needs to be one night a week to come out and enjoy each other. maybe show their musical talent. maybe speak on something. maybe do poetry. maybe something like that and cater to them. maybe that's the place they can be at. instead of in the dark. >> it have five men police say shot and killed the 14-year-old faced a judge yesterday. they are being held in and out without bail. if convicted the men face life
5:36 am
in prison without parole. >> it is 5:35. a deadly week for pedestrians in san jose is prompting police to remind motorists to drive carefully as the sunsets earlier. marla tellez is live with ak loot after what happened. good morning. >> laura, good morning. police say it's because of what we all did over the weekend. we turned our clocks back an hour. so it's getting darker earlier. this makes everybody more vulnerable on the road. just last night a 44-year-old san jose man was riding his bike near galveston when he was hit. how he's fighting for his life in the hospital this morning. police say the cause is under investigation, but so far it doesn't seem the driver was impaired in any way. also about the same time the america renews reports a 67-year-old woman was in a crosswalk in east san jose when
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she was hit. she ended up dying last night. over the weekend, a 20-year-old was hit and killed in south san jose. she was walking to the mall saturday night. three people have been killed in san jose in just the past five days. we need to get used to this. if you're going to prun in the evening or ride your bike home, it's very important to wear reflective gears. after 40 years on the run from the law, a bay area fugitive ready to turn himself in. ronald stanley is expected to surrender this morning. he's wanted in connection with the murders of police sergeant john young. his lawyers says bridgeforth
5:38 am
will only plead guilty to the shootout and insist that his client is innocent in the officer's death. >> it is time to check in with meteorologist christina loren with a look at the forecast for today. >> good morning to you. it's a cold start. we're going to see sunshine for the first part of the day. clouds increasing as a cut-off low is closer to us. capable of producing significant rainfall at the coast. especially areas to the south of ma rin county as we wake up tomorrow morning we'll be in the thick of it. we have mostly clear skies overhead. we picked up a few clouds yesterday. high clouds snuck into the bay area. ma makes for warmer conditions. three to five degrees warmer than this time yesterday. take a look at what's head this way. this is just not moving. however, through the next 24 hours we are expecting it to take a turn. not only to the south, but to the east. enough so to where this band of moisture sits over the coast.
5:39 am
potentially and dumps rain on us. that's what we're watching for. 70 in san jose. 68 in san francisco. a lot of sunshine coming in early will make for uniform temps like we saw yesterday. so tomorrow we could be dealing with thunderstorms in addition to heavy rainfall. we have your hour by hour forecast coming up in the next report in addition to your seven day. we'll tell you what the weekend holds first. le find out what the drive is like. >> eastbound highway 4. that's reopened. we had closure at love ridge. rb not clear. it's slow to love ridge because of your morning commute. speeds less than half of 30 minutes ago. unusual slowing northbound. this is unexpected. a look outside shows you what's
5:40 am
going on. now further out. a live look at the bay bridge. a nice easy drive. and a live look at the the golden gate bridge as well. overnight riots after the firing of joe paterno is made official. we'll show you pictures next. rick perry is the talk of the town after last night's gop debate. not for what he said, but what he failed to say. the count is not official. but ed lee has declared himself the new mayor of san francisco. where the numbers stand this bl hey!
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there's a new warning for
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commuters when it comes to stop and go traffic. tracie potts is live in washington with all the details. good morning, tracie. >> good morning, jon. if you live in the bay area you know about the stop and go traffic. san francisco commuters spend an extra 50 hours a year tuck in traffic. now researchers think the extra fumes may be affecting the brains. 7500 women in 2200 states. a big study. they found the fumes affect our mental capacity, intelligence, emotional stability. they could hurt brain cells, affecting learning and memory. what they don't know is how much of a lasting effect it will have. there's a lot of unanswered questions. plus it may be complicated by stress, diet, exercise. it is worrisome.
5:44 am
especially coupled with the fact there's other research out there by columbia harvard, other organizations that seems to support the idea that jeans are altered by what's coming out of your tail pipe. they found that for infant an elderly as well. this is this is certainly not definitive. something to keep in mind while you're idling. >> tracie potts, thank you for the report. coming up this morning, an exclusive interview with conrad murray. they talk with the former personal physician of michael jackson about the night he died. >> don't you bear responsibility? the propofol is in the room because you prescribed it to hi him. >> when i met michael it was a situation where it was long
5:45 am
before i got there. >> but own your portion of it. were you right to leave him in a situation where he had the opportunity to inject himself. >> well, i'm going to say, that was not the situation. >> it wasn't? >> no, no. had i known what i knew today in retrospect, mr. jackson was an addict and share that had information with me, you may consider it. you just said he was a desperate man. you left him alone with propofol. >> he was asleep. >> the interview airs in two parts today and tomorrow on the "today show." meteorologist christina loren is back with us. get ready for the friday drive. the rain is coming. >> the rain is coming. but this forecast is difficult. there's a slight chance we won't
5:46 am
see any rain whatsoever. i'm going to show you why now. temperatures are running cool. 34 in santa rosa. you're at 37 in livermore. 35 in gilroy. we are going to see significant rain. we almost had a traffic collision here in the studio. six-inch heels. this is a very juicy system. this area of low pressure actually broke off from the jet stream. so we call it a caught-off low. now the jet stream is what transports our storm system from west to east across the u.s. so this thing has nowhere to go, nothing to carry it. there's for now. high pressure will move in throughout the next 48 hours. it's going to nudge it enough to this the east for us to potentially see really heavy rainfall at the coast. enjoy what we have for you for the time being. it will be nice and stable.
5:47 am
71 in los gatos. 67 in santa cruz. oakland is comfortable. 68 for you today. as we head through the next 24 hours, that area of low pressure might just sit and spin. and not even make its way on shore. however, i do believe it will. i've seen this before. as you can see here, it cuts off from the jet stream. the jet stream continues to move to the east. but this low stays right here. as i said before, nothing to move it inland. so what i'm forecasting is as we wake up at 6:00 a.m., periods of rain at the coast. inland, you may not get much. but we'll see upwards of half an inch because we top the future cast at 3:00 a.m. that should move in between 6:00 and 10:00. heavy rain is projected at the coast. that's what we'll watch for you tomorrow morning. 65 for your friday. spotty showers continue through saturday and sunday. we'll see very light astivity.
5:48 am
this one is not packing much moisture at all. tomorrow's storm you really need to stay aware of the forecast for. mike, let's check the drive now. >> you've been warned about tomorrow. i also told you about something unusual here. much better commute through the walnut creek interchange. we have your 16-minute travel time. typical slowing heading into livermore. the south bay, we'll look at this. these speed sensors all marked in the northbound direction. is smooth drive to the peninsula where we look at the travel time. other side of the bay, a live look at oakland. 880 past the coliseum.
5:49 am
you're still at the limit. from 238 to the toll plaza or south in the opposite direction. hundreds of students taking to the streets after word head coach joe paterno had been fired. they crowded around chapting his name. several students were getting together, overturned the tv news van. police called in. several students arrested during the mess. the child sex bous allegation against former assistant coach jerry sandusky. earlier yesterday paterno did express remorse for not having done more after learning of the allegations.
5:50 am
. >> commerce, education and the -- um, uh. let's see. i can't. >> on the the toip of his tongue. perry later said it was the energy department that slipped his mind. after the debate he talked to reporters about the fumble. >> yeah, it was embarrassing. of course, it was. but here's what's more important. people understand that our principles, our conservative principles are what matter, not that in a litany of agencies with need to get rid of. >> perry will not back out any future debates. next one happened saturday in south carolina. >> the numbers are not final, but they're good enough for mr. ed lee. he's declared himself the next mayor of san francisco. little more than 32,000 votes left to count.
5:51 am
it appears he's right with 61% of the vote. in the district attorney's race, george is on top with 64% when you count rank choice voting. ross appears to be the city's next sheriff. he has nearly 53% of that final tally. >> and veteran days approaches. a happy welcome home for bay area soldiers. welcome home. eight members of the california national guard arrived home from iraq yesterday. members of the warriors watch who know what it's like to come home from the airport the greet the soldiers. >> we're vietnam veterans. we didn't get a good greeting on our way back home. we want to show these guys that we appreciate what they do. they got support. the only time it was hard was when there was incoming rockets when he's talking to me. and it's, i got to go, bye.
5:52 am
then you might near hear from him for a day or two. >> more and more soldiers and marines are finally returning home. coming up, occupy oakland going back on its own advice. why some are calling the movement hypocrite call. a high-techds han hands out millions in stock options. now he wants them back. we'll talk about that coming up. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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welcome back, everyone. it is 5:54 right now. they've been pick etding local banks for weeks. when it comes to depositing the own money, putting the money in the same bank it's being occupied in.
5:55 am
they decided to deposit $20,000 in the heat of the moment after several protesters were arrested and put in jail. some are calling the move p.r. suicide and sleeping with the enemy. as for wells fargo, the company says if this report is true, it demonstrates that even occupy oakland understands firsthand the value and service that wells far j go provides its customers. 5:55. apple will get some competition in the south bay. microsoft is launching a new store just across from the apple store a a valley fair mall. the new store takes cues for apple. tables are set up with microsoft's product in a hands-on setting. pcs, xbox, windows phones all on display. joe montana is scheduled to be at the store later this afternoon. joe jonas will hold a concert on saturday. >> laura, remember when kids used to play gameboy? that is so 1990s.
5:56 am
>> so last century. we got new data showing cell phones are the most popular hand held game system in the world, beating out nintendo and sony pz psp. angry birds, by the way, just saw its half billionth download. there are probably angry employees at san francisco's zynga this morning. the "wall street journal" says the zynga founder and ceo is demanding some employees turn over their stock options before the company goes public or face termination. he feels he gave out too many of the company's stock options too early to employees. and he think that's now worth too much. he wants it back. san jose based sun power will help break grounds this morning on a major solar farm in southern california.
5:57 am
critics are eager to label it the next solyndra. it did take department of energy loans. sun power will eventually turn over the massive project to a different company. the plan is also controversial because it impedes on the habitat of the giant kangaroo rat. it's more rat than kangaroo. >> now scott mcgrew, do you know that? >> yes, i looked it up on wikipedia. based on what i see, it looks much more like a rat than a kangaroo. >> 5:57. still to come. a man arrested at the occupy site in san francisco. >> plus, despite a late night clash with police, occupy protesters still on the cal tee lan st ia live repor mpt.. the latest in a live ror [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves.
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